Action 1: Identify Treatment Resources


1. Identify treatment resources: Does the PCP or health provider (HP) have sufficient knowledge of fertility and infertility? Treatment choices are limited at the primary level, but fortunately infertile patients may get pregnant without treatment. However, many patients have a poor prognosis and others may not want to wait. Thus the HP must determine what resources are available.

Without treatment, pregnancy leading to live birth occurs within one year in more than 20% of infertile couples (Hunault, 2004). Success is more likely if the woman is less than thirty years of age, if there has been a previous pregnancy in the partnership and if the couple has been trying for less than three years.

Nevertheless, some infertile couples may have a poor prognosis and others are not happy to wait. Thus, the HP must ask what resources are available in this primary healthcare centre. For example, is clomiphene accessible or are there laboratory facilities for sperm preparation and intrauterine insemination?