Action 8: Influence Decision Makers


8. Identify organizations that can encourage infertility awareness and influence decision makers: Identify (women) leaders, lawmakers and others who are sensitive to those suffering from infertility. These organization leaders should be encouraged to find solutions to improve access to quality fertility care.

Infertility does not constitute a priority in the health agenda of many countries—especially developing countries.

This is partly because most poor or low-resource countries have high population growth rates and, therefore, infertile patients have no public support and experience infertility in complete isolation.

In order to get attention from public authorities, different strategies can be undertaken: (1) identify (women) leaders with the capacity to set up support groups and organizations whose goal is to defend the reproductive rights and ease access to modern, efficient and safe medical treatments; (2) identify lawmakers and other authorities who are sensitive to those suffering from infertility and who will work to improve access to infertility care, and ; (3) educate organizational and government leaders on the burden of infertility for individuals and their families, provide them with accurate information on the magnitude and impact of the problem, and suggest alternative approaches that help those with infertility access quality infertility care.