Action 3: Facilitate Healthcare Networks


3. Facilitate the patient’s passage through healthcare networks: In general, there is little communication between Primary Health Care (PHC) clinics and referring hospitals where infertility is diagnosed and treatments provided. Strategies must be developed to bridge these two in order to provide efficient referrals and treatments.

Geographical isolation, absence of trained personnel and lack of standard clinical instructions for referral create major barriers to the delivery of fertility care.

It is possible for mid-level providers to identify the potential lines of communication and referral based on local clinical, socioeconomic and political circumstances. Simple solutions that help improve the situation of all those involved are important. Small steps that have initial success are more important than larger, longer-term approaches, at least at the beginning. Enlisting the help of others who share similar views and goals can help ensure success. (Zegers-Hochschild, 2011)