Action 6: Affordable Treatment Options


6. Identify accessible, affordable treatment options and funds: Funding for fertility services is rarely available in low-resource settings, but some components of investigation and treatment may be available as parts of general reproductive health promotion programmes. Awareness of the cost of additional treatment and possible sources of funds within the family or community can help with informed choices.

Funding for fertility services often is not a priority in developing countries with a number of other pressing health problems. Even so, reproductive health is a key area for most countries and is so specified in Millennium Development Goal 5B. Basic training and a shift in attitudes among practitioners in primary and secondary care may well enable existing facilities to be used for basic fertility services in a cost neutral manner. Additional investigations and treatment, including assisted reproduction, may be available in tertiary clinic settings and governments may be persuaded to invest in this sector to reduce health inequalities. Some forms of treatment may require out of pocket expenses and patients should be able to access appropriate information in order to make informed choices. Ovulation induction and insemination treatment are examples of relatively low cost solutions to some fertility problems.