43. Collins JA, Van Steirteghem A

Collins JA, Van Steirteghem A (2004)

Overall prognosis with current treatment of infertility. Hum Reprod Update 10:309-16.


Few reports provide pregnancy or birth rates for large groups of infertile couples having a comprehensive range of treatments. This model utilizes published evidence about diagnosis, treatment, the duration of treatment and the proportion of couples receiving treatment. Assisted reproduction technology treatment (ART) utilization was set arbitrarily at three levels: 3, 10 or 50% of the couples that had no live birth after conventionaltreatment. For each diagnosis and treatment the model estimated total live births, singleton live births and multiple live births per 10,000 couples. The overall live birth rate with non-ART treatment would be 37%, involving 3,725 live births, of which 3,478 (93%) would be singleton and 247 (7%) would be multiple. With ART utilization at 3, 10 and 50% of couples with persistent infertility in each diagnostic category, live birth rates were 39, 43 and 47% respectively, with 8, 10 and 12% multiple births. The corresponding utilization of ART would be 244, 813 and 1481 ART cycles per 10(6) population per annum. Typical management of infertility would fall short of 50% live births even with extensive utilization of ART. Underlying unknown untreatable factors remain barriers to greater overall success in the treatment of infertility.