how to edit

1. Click the following link to log in to WordPress:
See my email for your username and password




2. After login you will be taken to the WordPress dashboard.
In the top left of the dashboard, mouse over The Fertility Toolbox and click on "Visit Site"





3. You are taken to the home page. Notice the WordPress admin bar appears at the very top of the site.





4.You can browse the site as normal.  Use the navigation to review the site and search for errors




5. When you spot an error in the text click "Edit Page" in the admin bar.

Note: ICONS are images and cannot be edited. If you find an error in one of the ICONS please copy the page address (www.figo.verbfactory/tools/etc/etc...) and send with a note to




6. You are now in the WordPress page editor.
Use the scrollbar on the right if necessary to scroll down to the error and edit the text.
When finished editing the page click "Update" on the right. fix-update




7. Click on "View Page". This will take you to the site view where you can see that your change has been saved. Always remember to click "Update" so your changes are saved.



8. Repeat steps 4-7 to continue error fixes.


Note: editing things like numbered lists can be trick in WordPress. If you run into any issues, copy the page URL and send to me with a note and I will fix it.